Laal Kaptaan: Movie, Trailer, Film Cast, Story, Release Date

Laal Kaptaan – is an upcoming Bollywood movie which is directed by Navdeep Singh and produced by Anand L. Rai. It is written by Deepak Venkatesh. Laal Kaptaan is going to be theaters this Friday (18 Oct 2019). The film star Saif Ali Khan is playing a Naga Sadhu role in this movie.

You can watch all part of Laal Kaptaan movie’s trailer here.

The trailer has been released by the makers in three parts. This is the third and final part, whose title is The Revenge, that is, the title of the first chapter was One The Hunt. The character of Saif Ali Khan in the film is Naga Sadhu. In the trailer, Saif Ali Khan is seen playing a bloody game in the fire of revenge, Sonakshi Sinha is doing a special appearance in Laal Kaptaan film. Director Navdeep Singh said about this, ‘This is a special appearance but will be an important role.

Laal Kaptaan: Naga Sadhu Caught Fire In Revenge, Watch The Video Here: Seeing Saif Ali Khan’s Naga Sadhu avatar, you will not get tired of praising his acting. For the first time, Saif Ali Khan has played such a role in the film screen and his fans are sure to like his character a lot. Saif Ali Khan has played completely different look, seen in the eyes with mascara, dirty hair and tangled hair in Laal Kaptaan.

Deepak Dobriyal’s role is prominently featured in the film Laal Kaptaan. Deepak plays the role of a tracker in the film Laal Kaptaan which has a different smelling ability. Not only this, there are two hound dogs in the film to help them. This character seems appropriate for Saif’s character and this will also give the audience a comic temper.

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